Flatbed and Beavertail Trailer Manufacturers Northern Ireland

Trailer Manufacturers of Tandem Flatbed Trailers and Tri Axle Flatbed Trailers

MCN Trailers manufactures high spec tandem flatbed trailers and tri axle flatbed trailers (also known as builder trailers) as standard in various sizes for commercial, domestic and agricultural use with further options to make bespoke trailer orders.

We currently manufacture tandem flatbed trailers and tri axle flatbed trailers in 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft and 20ft lengths.

We also manufacture Beavertail Trailers - the perfect solution for those who need to transport vehicles.

We currently manufacture Beavertail Trailers in 14ft, 16ft and 18ft lengths.

Based in the outskirts of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland we are proud to bring you trailers designed using industry experience with a true understanding of customer needs, made with carefully sourced quality trailer components at competitive prices and a commitment to give you a short lead time on your order. Our 'standard' spec on tandem flatbed and tri axle flatbed trailers comes with:

  • Ladder rack
  • Spring loaded heavy duty crib latches (for trailers with drop sides) 
  • Internal lashing points
  • External non-slip lashing points
  • Self aligning hinges
  • Shock absorber suspension with 16ft trailers 
  • LED lights with progressive indicators

As experienced engineers with over 40 years in the manufacturing industry, working with global and multi-national companies we know a thing or two about building only the best products that are #builttolast. We have designed our  trailers with you in mind because we know first hand, how we want the trailer we take on the road, to handle. Our aim is to make a product that will not rattle or creak, will be strong enough to handle up to 3.5 tonnes of weight, will have drop sides with self-aligning hinges for easily handling....all while looking sleek and professional. Our trailers makes the perfect towing companion for builders, farmers, gardeners, painters, joiners, contractors and more.