Tiny Home Chassis

MCN Trailers

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As an approved Al-ko distributor we can supply your Tiny Home Chassis. These are suitable for a variety of uses including homes, offices, air b&b rental homes, welfare cabins and so much more.

Available in a range of lengths from 5.4m -8.4m long.

Did you know Mobile Tiny homes do not require planning permission in the UK?!

MCN Trailers can supply and approve your Tiny home chassis with IVA certification so you are legal to transport it on the road.

Low-loader chassis for Tiny House

The foundation for your mobile home

Modular, flexible, modular - changing lifestyle concepts also require new living concepts. We offer the stable foundation for life
on wheels. Intelligent manufacturing concepts and decades of experience in the production of high-quality
chassis components for trailers guarantee particularly good quality and durability.

Modular frame concept

The modular frame concept allows different body lengths and customised configurations.

Movable axle module

For subsequent adjustment of the nose load at the hitching point, our high-loaders’ axle module is designed to be movable and can be moved in a 40 mm grid.

Patented connection

The positive-locking connection points ensure perfect connections to the chassis. In the area of the body’s contact surfaces, round head screws are used so that only a small interference contour is created.

Long service life

The hot-dip galvanised chassis components guarantee maximum reliable corrosion protection.

Pre-tensioned frame

Less twisting, less or no warping.

Dimensional accuracy

Due to the chassis’s high dimensional accuracy, the body can be prefabricated to fit exactly.

Heavy duty supports

The chassis is equipped with precisely adapted supports. Other AL-KO support systems can be optionally used at the prepared mounting points.

Integrated lighting

Lighting is already integrated in our chassis.


Certificate of conformity EU certificate of conformity for standard assembled chassis is available.


Scope of supply incl.:

  • Corner steadies
  • Loose crank
  • Mudguards
  • Lighting
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Tyres: 195/50 R13C
  • Overrun device Profi V
  • coupling head
  • incl. barrel lock
Weight of payload Number of axles Loading height upper edge of the frame loaded H2 approx. Loading height upper edge of the frame unloaded H1 approx. Loading length L1 Loading width B1 Moveable axle unit Total length L2 Total width B2 Weight
2905 kg 2 421 mm 471 mm 5400 mm 2440 mm 6952 mm 2550 mm 595 kg
2885 kg 2 421 mm 471 mm 6000 mm 2440 mm 7552 mm 2550 mm 615 kg
2885 kg 2 421 mm 471 mm 6600 mm 2440 mm 8.15 mm 2550 mm 635 kg
2825 kg 2 421 mm 471 mm 7800 mm 2440 mm 9352 mm 2550 mm 2
2805 2 421 471 8400 mm 2440 9952 mm 2550 695